Homebrewer’s Lecture Series

A special “lecture series” often occurs at many academic institutions that is open to the public and scientific community. During my Ph.D. and post-doctoral training, this was called the “Dean’s Lecture Series” where world-renowned scientists would give great talks. In a nod to my academic past (as opposed to comparing myself to Nobel laureates!), I’ve decided to start a new series of posts called the “Homebrewer’s Lecture Series”.  This reflects my ongoing reading and learning since I have begun teaching a yeast class again at Keystone Homebrew Supply (expect more experiments). Each post will focus entirely on one aspect of yeast fermentation, how it can impact your beer, and what you as homebrewer can practically do to control it. As always, my target audience is not just for the hardcore beer chemist, but also for the homebrewer at home who wants to dive deeper into the science of beer.


2 responses to “Homebrewer’s Lecture Series

  1. Susan Groff

    I hope you compile this information for a book. I have been searching for a more “scientific” explanation of the brewing process and your site has been the one to answer many of my questions. Thank you.


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