Wild Yeast Project

This project involves culturing wild yeasts from sour ales in the lab and using them for homebrewing. Stay tuned for more posts!

Wild Yeast Project: Goals and aims to achieve them.

Isolating wild yeast from commercial dregs: Russian River’s Sanctification and Temptation.

MYPG Plates: Growth media for yeast.

MYPG Plating dregs: Plating experiments using the dregs from Sanctification and Temptation

WLN/WLD Plates: Differential growth media for wild yeasts and bacteria.

WLN/WLD Plating dregs: Plating Brettanomyces and Temptation dregs on differential growth media for wild yeast.

Plating yeast from a lambic: An attempt to isolate yeast from a bottle of Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise (2004).

Lambic plating results: Different species of wild yeast and bacteria are isolated from a lambic

Lambic plating results: Minor setback – not wild yeast but bacteria.

Strain from Cantillon Blåbaer: First time a wild yeast strain was isolated from this famous beer.

9 responses to “Wild Yeast Project

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  5. This project seems amazing! I have just started a brew blog and I brew mostly simple saisons in Austin, Tx. If you ever want to trade wild yeasts for some Austin beers please let me know.

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  7. Bryan

    I contacted you about 2 years ago about isolating desert yeast in Arizona. That worked out pretty well. Now I live in California and i continue to isolate from different sources, such as: produce stand fruits, my backyard, malt, wine grapes, Drie Fonteinen, etc. I have started a blog to document what I have been doing.


    Do you still have any of your Cantillon isolates? I would love to check those out. Perhaps a yeast trade? Cantillon has been difficult to come by out here.


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